" eCoastWatch "- Boats for "Sail"

Why use a "Detailed" Ad ??

A "detailed" Ad allows your prospective buyer to really get a feel for the boat without going near it. 

We all know that information, pictures are key to selling products.  A single insertion 2x3 inch Ad in a local classified costs approximately $50.  A less expensive line Ad typically allows for very little information on the item you are trying to sell.

A "detailed" Ad on " eCoastWatch " provides multiple photos, a breakdown of the attributes of your boat, and will bring your prospective buyer much closer to making "that decision".

As part of creating this Ad for you, we also provide you with a customized email message you can send to your friends, associates, and prospective buyers, that brings them directly back to your "detailed" Ad, and will facilitate your selling your boat.